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SMARTEN® Controls

SMARTEN® Controls is the most comprehensive system for remotely monitoring and controlling your UNBRIDLED™ ESP system.

ChampionX offers two types of SMARTEN Controls for operational flexibility:

  • SMARTEN variable speed drives (VSDs) are continuously adjustable, mechanical speed-changing devices used to fine-tune the ESP motor’s operating speed. Our VSDs include event history tracking and logging, which track motor activity and control down to the second. Downloadable datasets can be wirelessly transmitted to office-based operations personnel for review.
  • SMARTEN Switchboards offer basic surface control designed with a 60-Hertz frequency ranging from 600 to 5,000 Volts. The switchboard’s customizable motor controller interface includes digital readouts, icons for sensor readings, an amp chart and motor saver options (520 or 777). All data are downloadable on a USB drive. The controller can be installed with an optional backspin probe.

Regardless of the system you select, SMARTEN Controls are straightforward and easy to use, with graphic displays that allow you to efficiently navigate and control each component of the UNBRIDLED ESP system.

Contact ChampionX to learn how SMARTEN Controls can optimize your field production, with lower operating costs and less risk of downtime.

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