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CAVALCADE® Power Cables

CAVALCADE® Power Cable meets the power requirements of all UNBRIDLED™ ESP system components, even under the most challenging downhole conditions. Each cable is designed to maintain electrical integrity and ensure the longest possible run life of your system.

Our cables come standard with solid copper conductors, which provide less loss and more strength than stranded wire. Each conductor is wrapped in combinations of polypropylene, lead, EPDM and nitrile insulation materials to mitigate gas ingress.

Design options include:

  • Flat or round configurations, available in multiple gauges
  • Additional insulation for high gas environments and available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and Monel armor
  • A lead barrier to prevent gas permeation, particularly in high H2S environments
  • Ratings ranging from 2 kV to 5 kV for handling low to high power loads
  • Available in #6 to 1/0 gauges for proper sizing.

CAVALCADE Power Cable is available separately for other applications and can be sold in bulk.

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