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BLACKGOLD® Pumps deliver optimal pumping solutions for many common well conditions. Designed for a broad range of fluid volumes, minimal power consumption and high efficiency, our pumps have a proven track record of reliable operation and extended run life.

BLACKGOLD Pumps are applicable in wells producing from 150 BPD to 10,000 BPD and in sizes ranging from 4.5” to more than 7”. This wide operating scope means that our pumps easily adapt to changing well conditions, minimizing your downtime while increasing your return on investment.

ChampionX stocks BLACKGOLD pumps with customizable, application-specific, cost-effective designs that can be tailored to each customer’s wells. Our application experts match each well with the optimal pump size and design to maximize performance at minimal cost. And, our pumps are easily adaptable to work with any ESP system, resulting in low conversion costs.

Like all ChampionX pumps, BLACKGOLD Pumps incorporate industry-leading technology with known capabilities and proven product design.

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