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AGILE® Motors

ChampionX's AGILE® series of electric submersible motors have the robust design required for variable-speed pumping in deep, high-temperature wells.

AGILE Motors are 3-phase, 2-pole induction motors customizable for various production applications. Our motors stand apart from others on the market, with design innovations that include:

  • True horsepower loads customized for each application
  • Highly efficient power consumption, which translates to the lowest operating temperature range in the industry
  • Robust construction that keeps equipment running safely within intended operating limits
  • Extensive voltage and horsepower ranges—within 375, 456, 540 and 562 motor frames—and temperature ratings up to 180°C (356°F)
  • Availability in stainless steel or with hardened coatings for superior corrosion protection

In every ESP deployment, AGILE Motors consistently provide reliable operation and increased production without sacrificing runtime.

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