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ESP LOOKOUT® Automation

ChampionX's LOOKOUT® Monitoring provides a complete monitoring solution for your ESP system. Leveraging the power of Theta Oilfield Solutions’ industry leading XSPOC™ software, LOOKOUT delivers users a powerful web-based tool for real-time monitoring, decision-making and collaboration.

LOOKOUT stores and displays all pertinent parameters for characterizing the performance of your ESP system. Customized reports generated from these parameters help users make informed decisions while optimizing their ESP’s performance.

The monitoring service is flexible and easily tailored to your specific needs and economics, from simple ‘on/off’ notifications to active monitoring scenarios targeting key performance indicators. LOOKOUT also fosters collaboration and streamlined workflows, and is easily accessible on devices ranging from your mobile phone to your desktop.

We combine LOOKOUT’s wide-ranging monitoring capabilities with the experience and collaborative consultation of our ESP system experts. From installation and set-up to long-range field production planning, our application experts support you at each step.

With Theta’s XSPOC artificial lift monitoring system as its engine, the LOOKOUT solution is not limited to only ESPs. Every form of artificial lift can benefit from the monitoring and analytical tools found within LOOKOUT.

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