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Theta Rodstar™

RODSTAR is the industry’s premier design and simulation software for deviated and vertical rod pumping systems.

Other programs require you to specify pumping speed, plunger size, rod string design, unit size and other parameters—with no guarantees that the predicted production rate will be accurate. With RODSTAR, you simply enter a "target" production and the program automatically calculates the pumping speed, plunger size, optimum rod string design, pumping unit size and motor size you need to make your production. It is also the only predictive software of its kind to automatically design optimized steel, Corod, fiberglass or carbon fiber rod strings in seconds with the optimized wave equation.

The program can simulate over 4,000 pumping units—including long-stroke (Rotaflex), hydraulic units, and NEMA D or Ultra High Slip motors—and calculates the cost of the rod string and pumping unit. You only need to enter the cost values once, and they can be easily updated at any time. The rod string cost, along with the monthly electricity bill that RODSTAR calculates, allows you to better compare system designs.

RODSTAR’s other powerful features include:

  • Customizable designs, in which you can create cases using English, SI, or Canadian (a mix of English and SI) measurement units. You can also save time by specifying default values for parameters that do not change.
  • IPR integration, which allows you to calculate target production from pump intake pressure or fluid level, or to calculate pump intake pressure from an entered SPM or production target.
  • Batch mode, which allows you to run multiple vertical or deviated design cases simultaneously. After the batch run is complete, you can review a summary in a customized Excel spreadsheet.
  • Expert, context-sensitive help is available for every input field. RODSTAR uses a unique visual help system that includes pump schematics, and an artificial lift glossary with definitions for hundreds of items.
  • Detailed reports for a number of project-critical parameters, including cost analyses, IPR charts, dynamometer cards, torque plots, deviation surveys, and rod string order summaries.
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