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Rod Lift Automation

Comprehensive Rod Lift Automation from the Industry Leader.


Theta Oilfield Services’ XSPOC system has been the industry’s recognized leader in rod pumping control and diagnostics for more than 20 years. The highly advanced SCADA system uses artificial intelligence to provide expert analysis of rod-lift well operations, including detailed recommendations to resolve any operational problems and get the system running at optimal performance.

XSPOC provides automated control across the entire operational life of the well, including automatic alarm/shutdown notifications and field condition-based well control.  Whether you need to manage a few wells or thousands, XSPOC affords real-time control and makes it easy to manage wells by exception.

XSPOC also links seamlessly with Theta’s other powerful rod pumping analysis and design solutions, including the XDIAG analysis engine. This analysis solution uses pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to identify the pump’s operating condition, and to calculate fluid level, equipment loading, and other parameters. And, our RODSTAR design and simulation software uses predictive models to grade the well’s current design and recommend improvements.

SPIRIT Genesis Intelligent Asset Manager

SPIRIT Global Energy Solutions simplifies the complexities of rod-pumped systems with its Genesis Intelligent Asset Manager. These POC and Integrated VFD packages put the well site at your fingertips, and make pumping by exception a true reality—not just an overused catch phrase.

Our innovative technologies include:

  • Audio/video capabilities at the well site
  • Touchscreen user interfaces
  • Live surface and downhole dynagraph cards
  • Real-time surface equipment diagnostics
  • Enhanced speed control options.

These capabilities, combined with a practical user interface, deliver a practical control and automation system that the industry has been waiting for.

As Theta Oilfield Services’ sister company, SPIRIT hosts and monitors client wells on a dedicated server. This service provides operators throughout the U.S. with a daily morning report that breaks down system failures and highlights wells that require immediate attention. This reporting is done with a precise level of detail, based on a thorough knowledge of rod pumping systems acquired through years of training in dynagraph interpretation, basic rod pumping, XSPOC user courses, automation troubleshooting, and rod design and engineering.

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