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Sucker Rod Hooks

ChampionX's O’Bannon Frontlock hooks have an automatic locking mechanism that is as easy to open as your hand.

A lever in the hook releases the latch only when the hook is gripped to engage or disengage the elevator bail. The latch is hinged just above this point and extends across the mouth of the hook. It is strong enough to ward off beams and girts, yet sensitive enough to respond instantly to the grip of the operator.

The main bearing in the Frontlock hook is a heavy-duty ball thrust type, fully enclosed to keep out dirt and easily lubricated through a shielded zerk fitting. Like all of our hoisting tools, the Frontlock hooks are designed for ease of operation under all conditions or temperature extremes. Electric steel alloy castings are heat treated for optimum strength and hardness, and every shank, body and bail is magnaflux tested. 

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