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Stabilizer Bars

ChampionX's Norris Stabilizer Bars provide strength and stability for rod pump plungers under compressive load. Installed at the top of the plunger, the stabilizer bar provides stiffness and centralization above the pump. This minimizes bending of the plunger and leads to less wear on the pump and the tubing string.

Our stabilizer bars improve pump and sinker bar performance by:

  • Pumping more oil from a more efficiently operated system
  • Stabilizing the pumps and sinker bars
  • Improving pull and top cage run time on insert pumps
  • Minimizing pull rod bucking on insert pumps
  • Improving plunger performance in both insert and tubing pumps
  • Decreasing plunger top wear above the pump
  • Increasing minimum loads due to improved pump action
  • Improving pump performance in horizontal wells
  • Minimizing contact between the sinker bar and tubing wall.

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