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Rod Guides

ChampionX's Norris sucker rod guides ensure superb wear protection for your sucker rods, couplings and production tubing. Our injection-molded guides are carefully designed and manufactured to fit the appropriate rod and tubing size for specific performance parameters. And, we factor parameters such as shock load and impact calculations and erodible wear volume into the design of each rod.

This detailed level of rod guide development and engineering provides numerous benefits in the field:

  • Maximum service life from your sucker rod guides, because they are designed to stay in the hole, on the rod, and perform longer.
  • Longer wear because of their high resistance to damage from impact and shock loading.
  • A full range of sizes to fit every rod size, tubing size, and downhole pumping condition.
  • Guides that are pre-installed on your sucker rods in the optimal configuration for your particular and special needs.
  • Backed by the only performance guarantee in the industry.

Sidewinder Sucker Rod Guides

The Norris Sidewinder Sucker Rod Guides are designed for improved performance and longer service life in challenging applications such as rod-pumped deviated oil wells. With alternating concave vanes that improve flow characteristics and reduce wear, Sidewinder delivers several operational benefits over conventional sucker rod guides.

  • A shorter length that won’t inhibit sucker rod flex, which reduces rod stress
  • More erodible wear volume, which results in a lower frequency of replacement and less maintenance
  • Greater pumping efficiency from a novel flow geometry that results in less flow turbulence.

NorrisGlide Rod Guides

ChampionX's NorrisGlide Rod Guides provide robust sucker rod protection in low-temperature well applications. Manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, NorrisGlide has the highest impact strength of all thermoplastics and a high tolerance to chemicals and saltwater.

In each well application, NorrisGlide consistently delivers:

  • Ease of installation, with a single slot design that allows quick attachment to the rod.
  • High holding power, which guards against slippage on the rod.
  • A low coefficient of friction, which minimizes friction in reciprocating and rotating applications.
  • Self lubrication, which makes the guide ideal for high water cut wells.
  • High abrasion resistance, with low friction under load.
  • High resistance to corrosion and chemicals. The elastomer maintains dimensional stability in aqueous environments thanks to its near zero water absorption. It is also resistant to most aggressive chemicals and corrosives, including strong oxidizing agents.

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