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Specialty Rod Pumps

ChampionX's Harbison-Fischer specialty rod pumps are designed to deliver efficiency and long run life in gassy, sandy and high volume wells.

High gas wells. We provide a range of rod pumps and accessories for gas locking and gas handling conditions.

  • Patented Variable Slippage Pump®
    • A sucker-rod-drawn, positive-displacement pump based on pressure equalization.
    • The pump’s design eliminates gas locking, fluid pound and gas pound for greater sucker-rod life.
  • Two-Stage Hollow-Valve Rod Pump
    • Designed to overcome both moderate gas-locking and moderate sand production conditions.
    • A modified upper compression chamber with a specialized valve rod guide allows sand and gas to be flushed from the upper compression chamber during upstroke.
    • The pump is available in a variety of materials, surface treatments and configurations.
  • The Harbison-Fischer Gas Chaser Pump
    • Designed for the worst gas-locking problems in rod-pumped wells.
    • Similar in design and operating principle as the two-stage hollow-valve rod pump, the Gas Chaser incorporates a Positive seal at the top of the upper compression chamber to achieve a higher compression ratio.
    • Available in several materials as well as thin and heavy-walled configurations for shallow or deep wells.
  • The Loc-No® Plunger
    • The Loc-No® is a proven gas-lock fighting tool incorporating a mechanically opening travelling valve to overcome the need for high compression in the pump compression chamber.
    • The Loc-No® is an inexpensive replacement for the plunger, plunger coupling, traveling valve and seat plug in a standard pump.
  • The Travel No-Loc® Valve
    • Adapts the Loc-No® Plunger concept to a traveling barrel pump design.
    • This allows the traveling barrel pump to work without gas locking while retaining all of the advantages of a common traveling barrel pump.
  • The Harbison-Fischer Sliding Top Valve has a free-floating, hard bronze sleeve that rides up and down on the valve rod in a steel housing. This removes the hydrostatic pressure load from the traveling valve and allows it to open at the beginning of the down-stroke without requiring significant pressure buildup in the compression chamber. This valve is a time proven solution to gas locking and helps cushion fluid pound. The valve is available in an abrasion-resistant coating for tough sand production.
  • The Harbison Fischer Pampa Gas Pump® is a modified Pampa Pump characterized by a long barrel and a long plunger but without a lower extension.  The absence of a lower extension and the addition of compression-chamber-enhancing features significantly improve the compression ratio.  This creates a pump that is designed for pumping problems up to and including severe particulates and moderate gas locking. The Pampa Gas Pump® will load the pumping unit and produce fluid in the same manner as any API pump.

High sand production. ChampionX provides a range of rod pumps and accessories custom designed to optimize production in sandy or high-solids conditions.

  • Harbison-Fischer Pampa Pumps use a longer-than-normal plunger and shorter-than-normal barrel. The plunger always strokes out of the barrel and washes clean with production fluid. And during upstroke, the plunger pulls particulates away from the plunger/barrel interface. With fewer particles drawn into the pump, the Pampa avoids the sticking or hang-up problems of conventional pumps in high-solids wells.
  • Designed for shallow, sandy wells that are shut down between production periods, the Texas Stripper Pump incorporates an outer jacket that shields the discharge ports and forces produced fluids out of the bottom of the jacket. This prevents sand from settling inside the pump during shutdown and keeps the pump from sticking in the hold-down.
  • The Harbison-Fischer Three Tube Pump is a traditional trash pump for extremely abrasive, sandy production. Large clearances between the plunger and barrels allow particulates to pass between the plunger and barrel without sticking or hanging up. The pump is available with regular or hardened barrels, depending on application needs.
  • Harbison-Fischer provides various valves and valve guides for different production needs. Our Double Valves incorporate two valves in series, which provides a backup fluid check valve in the event that the first valve becomes clogged with particulates and cannot effectively close.
  • The Harbison Fischer Bottom Discharge Valve is used in standard, bottom hold-down rod insert pumps and produces a portion of the fluid through ports just above the standing valve. This keeps fluid between the pump and tubing in motion and prevents sand from settling above the seating nipple.
  • Our modified API RH Pump solves the problem of scale deposition inside the pump barrel. The pump’s plunger positively strokes out of the barrel on both the upstroke and downstroke, clearing the plunger and barrel completely of adhering scale on each stroke. The pump is assembled from standard components and can be furnished in specialized materials for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

High volume production.  Harbison-Fischer rod pumps and accessories for high-volume production include:

  • Oversize Tubing Pumps and Drains. These pumps are used when an API Tubing Pump plunger is not large enough to deliver the necessary production quantity. The popular “Slim-Hole” pump has a larger diameter plunger than other oversize styles while retaining the same O.D. of the pump assembly. And, the API Style Oversize Tubing Pump is a standard API pump run on smaller tubing than the plunger diameter. Tubing drains remove fluids from the tubing during servicing and are available in a sleeve type, a spoon bill and a J-Slot type.
  • On-Off Tools. The Harbison-Fischer On-Off Tool is a dependable means of connecting and disconnecting sucker rods from the sucker rod pump. It is normally installed just above an Oversize Tubing Pump plunger or is used to disconnect the rods above a stuck pump, eliminating a rod stripping job. The tool is available in both right and left hand release, as well as corrosion-resistant materials for tubing or casing sizes ranging from 1.9" through 7-1/2".
  • Left Hand Coupler. Used as a safety joint in the sucker rod string should the insert pump become stuck in the seating nipple, the left hand coupler prevents the need to pull the pump. It is easily released by applying right hand rotation to the sucker rod string and is available in all sucker rod sizes.
  • Shear Tools. Our shear tools are straight-line pull safety joint releases that allow the sucker rod string to be disconnected from the pump below the tool. They are particularly useful in releasing fiberglass rods, which cannot be rotated. Shear tools are available in shear release pull loads of 21,000, 26,000 and 33,000 pounds and in all sucker rod pin sizes.
  • Permanent Standing Valve. Our standing valve has tubing threads for easy installation in the tubing string below the pump barrel. This configuration provides the largest available flow areas and less flow resistance to fluid entering the pump.  The valve can be specified in several tubing thread sizes.
  • Double Displacement Pump. The Harbison-Fischer Double Displacement Pump provides the benefits of an insert pump with a production capacity greater than a tubing pump for the same size tubing. This pump is available in both traveling barrel and traveling plunger configurations.  This pump incorporates two barrels, two connected plungers and a seal section between the barrels. The pump also uses oversized cages, balls and seats as well as an oversized seating assembly with greater holding capacity.

API Pumps. Harbison-Fischer API style sucker rod pumps are available in a wide variety of materials, coatings and wear resistant treatments for corrosion, abrasion and strength requirements. Our API Tubing Pumps have a heavy wall construction that makes them ideal for rugged, high-volume production conditions.

We also provide bottom hold-down, top hold-down and traveling barrel insert pumps, in both thin-wall and heavy-wall designs. These pumps are installed on the sucker rods inside the tubing, and can be retrieved by pulling the sucker rods to the surface. Insert pumps are the best choice if the right sized pump is available for the expected fluid production.

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