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Rod Pump Accessories

ChampionX provides rod-pump accessories to optimize performance in any application.

Sucker Rod Guides – Our range of sucker rod guides includes the Harbison-Fischer Spiral Sucker Rod Guide. Made from alloy steel with a hard, smooth sprayed metal coating on the outside, the spiral guide delivers excellent wear resistance and is available in all sucker rod sizes and tubing sizes. A Flexite® Sucker Rod Guide offers a long, hard Flexite® wear surface in most sucker rod and tubing sizes. Snap-On Sucker Rod Guides are available in Nylon, rubber or high temperature versions, and easily clip onto the sucker rod wherever required.

Tubing Test Valve - The Harbison-Fischer Tubing Test Valve can be dropped into the tubing or lowered on a wire line to seat in a seating nipple for tubing testing operations. It provides a positive check valve seal that releases pressure before unseating by pulling upward on a fishing neck latch at the top of the tool. The valve can be attached to any standard hold-down seal assembly.

Polished Rods - Harbison-Fischer Polished Rods are manufactured, machined, ground and polished to conform to our specifications and those set forth by API.

  • Piston Steel Polished Rods are made from cold drawn 1045 carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 psi. They are recommended for moderate-to-heavy loads without abrasion and corrosion concerns.
  • Nickel Moly Polished Rods machined from cold drawn 4320 nickel alloy steel have a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 psi. They are recommended for moderate-to-heavy loads under mildly corrosive conditions.
  • Tuffr® Polished Rods are made from 1045 piston steel with a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 psi and a hard, HRC 48-52 sprayed metal surface applied to the outside diameter. They are recommended for abrasive and corrosive conditions under moderate-to-heavy loads.
  • XM-19 Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel Polished Rods have a superior corrosion resistance to 304SS, while providing the tensile strength of 1045 materials.
  • Our 304 Stainless Steel Polished Rods have a minimum tensile strength of 75,000 psi. They are recommended for moderate loads under all corrosive conditions when abrasion is not a factor.

Sinker Bars - Harbison-Fischer Sinker Bars are used to overcome problems with compressive loads at the bottom of rod strings.  They are manufactured from 1045 piston steel and come with sucker rod pins for a dependable makeup connection. They are 25' long and have an elevator relief and hanger flat for ease of use.

Lift Sub - Our Lift Sub is a 1' long handling sub with sucker rod pins for use on top of the sucker rod pump or polished rod. It is made from 1045 piston steel.

Pump Anchor - The Harbison-Fischer Sucker Rod Pump Anchor is used to anchor an insert pump in a well without a seating nipple or with variable fluid levels that require different seating depths. The tool can be run and set repeatedly without damage to the rubber-packing element, and is released by lifting upward on the sucker rod string.

Collet Fittings – Our collet fittings provide a longer length of support for the reciprocation valve rod or pull tube, which lowers the bending stress applied to the critical thread area of the rod or tube. They are available in high-strength alloy steel or stainless steel.

Vertical Discharge Valve Rod Guide - Reduces the tendency of corrosion or abrasion in the tubing by directing the pump’s discharge energy in an upward direction.

Sucker Rod, Polished Rod and Combination Couplings - Harbison-Fischer Couplings are manufactured to the strictest design standards and conform to ISO quality procedures and API Specifications. All couplings are manufactured from nickel alloy steel with cold formed, rolled threads for greater strength and fatigue resistance. They are also available in slim-hole and full-size diameters. They are manufactured in two grades:

  • H-F Class T Sucker Rod Couplings are API Class T couplings with a hardness of HRC 16-23 and are recommended for mildly corrosive and mildly abrasive pumping conditions.
  • H-F Tuffr® Couplings conform to API SM sucker rod coupling specifications and are recommended for corrosive and abrasive pumping conditions. The coupling’s sprayed metal surface hardness is HRC 58-62 and is ground smooth.

Polished Rod Liners – The Harbison-Fischer Polished Rod Liner and integral pack-off assembly is a one-piece unit built for economy and efficiency. It installs over the polished rod to provide a hard, sprayed metal, smooth wearing surface.

Seating Nipples – Harbison-Fischer Seating Nipples are made to API and industry inside diameter and thread size combinations. Configurations include cup and mechanical types, in both top and bottom hold-down styles.

Strainer Nipples and Gas Anchors - Our Strainer Nipples and Gas Anchors are made in steel and brass for use with insert and tubing pumps and come in a variety of sizes.

Polished Rod Clamps – Harbison-Fischer polished rod clamps are manufactured from forged, high strength steel. They are precision machined on both load-bearing ends and the polished rod through hole. The ends are machined perpendicular to the through hole to ensure that the polished rod load does not impart a side load to the polished rod.

  • The JM Polished Clamps are available in polished rod sizes from 1" through 1-3/4" 
  • The HF Model 40 Polished Rod Clamp is a rugged, one-piece clamp that is intended for use in deep wells and is rated for 40,000 pounds maximum working load.
  • The HF Model 25 Polished Rod Clamp is a one bolt, rugged design clamp for intermediate depth wells. It is rated to 25,000 pounds maximum working load.
  • The HF Model 13 Polished Rod Clamp is a one bolt clamp designed for shallow wells with less than 13,000 pounds maximum working load.
  • The HF Model 13-D and Model 13-T Polished Rod Clamps are high load variations using the Model 13 clamp. The Model 13-D consists of two Model 13 clamps assembled in series to provide a 26,000 pounds maximum working load. Three Model 13 clamps are factory assembled in series to make the Model 13-T Clamp, which is rated to 40,000 pounds maximum working load.

The Harbison-Fischer On-Off Tool is a dependable means of connecting and disconnecting sucker rods from the sucker rod pump. It is normally installed just above an Oversize Tubing Pump plunger or is used to disconnect the rods above a stuck pump, eliminating a rod stripping job. The tool is available in both right and left hand release, as well as corrosion-resistant materials for tubing or casing sizes ranging from 1.9" through 7-1/2".

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