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XSPOC is an Artificial Lift optimization platform (software) that enables operators to manage wells by exception, allowing operators to optimally allocate time to high priority wells. XSPOC does this in a differentiated manner via advanced diagnostics, analytics, and an open platform.

  • Lift Specific Heritage : 25+ years, 110k rod lift wells, 5k ESP wells, 2k Gas Lift wells, 5k SCADA nodes, 1B collected pump cards, 25M unique pump cards
  • Diagnostic Analytics : physics based models, nodal analysis, wave equation, multiphase flow correlations, IPR
  • Data Analytics : trend analytics, pattern matching, neural networks, artificial intelligence, big data
  • Internal Expertise : H F, Norris, PCS Ferguson, ESP, Gas Lift

Each module is specifically engineered for that form of artificial lift:

  • Rod Pump. Theta has been the recognized leader in rod pumping diagnostic for over 20 years. Our analysis engine (XDIAG) uses pattern recognition and artificial intelligence to identify the pump’s conditions, and to calculate fluid level, equipment loading, and other key parameters. It also incorporates our predicted model (RODSTAR) to grade the well’s current design and recommend improvements.
  • ESP. The ESP module relies on nodal analysis, multiphase flow correlations, gas volume calculations, and detailed equipment data input to inform the user of: operating points overlaid on pump curves, determination of flow within recommended ranges, assessment of design, full well performance curves, and recommend changes to increase production.
  • Gas Lift. To be introduced in early 2017, the gas lift module will be the most-powerful, yet easy to use automated gas lift diagnostic software in the market. It uses nodal analysis and flow modeling to calculate optimum injection rates, indicate the state of each injection valve, and display full wellbore pressure profile curves.

XSPOC’s many other powerful features include:

  • An easy-to-use interface that provides a graphically driven experience for the user, without requiring significant training.
  • Scalability that allows XSPOC to manage fields with just a few wells or with several thousand wells.  Group status screens and Google-sourced field maps allow users to view the current status of their wells at a glance, allow for real-time control of the wells, and let users manage wells by exception.
  • Applications for iOS and Android for smart phones and tablets are custom-built for each platform, giving the best user experience possible.
  • Automated, full well control from startup to shutdown, as well as providing full control of all controller setpoints. XSPOC does automatic alarm/shutdown notification (email, text message, or voice call-outs), and automatic well control based on other conditions such as facility upset conditions.

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