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The XANIMATE series of education animations lets you understand how your rod pumping system works, at a level of detail that was not previously possible.

The software incorporates nearly 40 animations used in Theta Oilfield Services rod pumping schools to give you a downhole perspective on a range of pump and pumping system conditions, including:

  • The fundamentals of rod pump system operation
  • A performance comparison of various pumping units
  • How the rods stretch during pumping
  • The delay between what occurs at the polished rod versus the pump
  • How and when the traveling and standing valves open and close
  • What happens during fluid pound
  • How the speed of the plunger compares to the speed of the polished rod.

XANIMATE’s system animations were developed in sophisticated modeling and animation software and were drawn using the same modeling algorithms as the RODSTAR and XDIAG computer programs. Exact pumping unit kinematics helped model the pumping units and draw each frame of the animation. Wave equation models were used to simulate and draw the rod string for the most realistic representations of system operation.

XANIMATE now permits any specified animation to launch and run within PowerPoint, providing a very robust and detailed simulation for operations and engineering training.

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