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Theta Xdiag™

XDIAG diagnostic and analysis software combines state-of-the-art pattern recognition technology with accurate wave equation diagnostic modeling to deliver expert analysis of deviated and vertical rod pumping systems.

XDIAG’s powerful features include:

  • The ability to analyze any pumping unit geometry using exact pumping unit kinematics.
  • A determination of pump condition, pump friction, fluid level, pump intake pressure, fluid production, fillage, and net pump displacement by combining your downhole pump card shape with its built-in expert knowledge and pattern recognition techniques.
  • The use of IPR data to calculate additional possible production.
  • The flexibility to use dynamometer information from disk files, computerized dynamometers, centralized pump off control systems, or from a graphics tablet. XDIAG is compatible with all available dynamometer and pump off control hardware on the market.
  • A database of more than 4,000 pumping units, steel and fiberglass grades as well as a comprehensive list of manufacturers.

During analysis, XDIAG detects and corrects input data errors such as a load cell that reads too low or too high or an incorrect fluid level. After the analysis, XDIAG provides recommendations for fixing downhole problems and calculates parameters such as gross pump stroke, pump volumetric efficiency, overall system efficiency, peak torque and gearbox loading, and the counterbalance you need to balance the unit. Also, it shows the difference between balancing the unit for minimum gearbox torque and for minimum energy usage.

This detailed analysis data can be loaded into Theta’s other software programs such as XROD, RODSTAR, XBAL and XTOOLS. This seamless integration provides a solution that helps you detect pumping system problems faster and more accurately, and then develop the optimal solution for maximum production at minimal cost.

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