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Theta XBal™

XBAL is the industry’s premier counterweight balancing software for pumping units. Through the use of Expert System Logic, XBAL makes the necessary calculations to properly balance your pumping units, before you do any costly and unnecessary field work. The software gives you the recommendations you need to properly balance each unit, without taking a single field measurement.

XBAL replaces time-consuming, inaccurate and potentially unsafe trial-and-error approaches to pump unit balancing with a solution that provides:

  • Calculations of multiple counterweight positions to balance crank-balanced units in one step. For beam-balanced units, the software calculates the exact position of the beam weights to balance the unit, also in one step.
  • For situations in which existing counterweights cannot balance the unit, the software recommends the easiest balancing method such as exchanging, adding or removing counterweights.
  • A quick and accurate calculation of the existing maximum counterbalance for crank-balanced units or structural unbalance for beam-balanced units. XBAL achieves this by drawing on a huge database of cranks and counterweights for most common units.
  • Streamlined recommendations based on only the counterweights you currently have available in the field, which makes balancing each unit faster and more cost-effective.
  • A safer and faster alternative to field measurements that record the counterbalance effect using a dynamometer system. By entering in the cranks or beams, along with your available counterweights and their positions, XBAL calculates the existing counterbalance moment—all without having to step foot in the field.
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