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Solids Separator

The patented SPIRIT Downhole Sand and Solids Separator puts an end to the destructive effects of sand, corrosives and other solids on downhole equipment. The separator permanently removes sand and solids before they can enter the lift equipment, thus preventing the common problems of:

  • Excessive pump wear
  • Sticking plungers
  • Pump fouling
  • More frequent maintenance
  • Greater pulling costs
  • Clogged filters or screens

The separator works by first drawing fluids and contaminants into the Stage 1 intake slots, where downward velocity increases to force sand and other solids toward the I.D. of the tool and downward towards the mud anchor. The fluid continues downward where it is forced past a centrifuge system. The remaining smaller particulates are once again forced to the I.D. of the tool, past the dip tube intake and into the mud joints to settle.

The SPIRIT Sand and Solids Separator has a proven track record of lowering field maintenance frequency and costs while boosting production. The separator has been shown to reduce the frequency of pulling a downhole pump for repair or replacement due to erosive or corrosive damage by as much as 300%.

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