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Packer Style Gas Separator

The SPIRIT Gas Separator is a simple, effective downhole tool that is ideally positioned between the packer and rod pump to prevent gas from entering the pump and reducing its efficiency.

Particularly suited for applications including high-GOR production flows, horizontal completions and above-the-perf completions, the separator virtually eliminates the common problems of poor pump performance and gas-lock. Using a patented internal baffling system, the tool agitates and breaks apart high GOR emulsions for effective separation of gas and liquids. Pure production fluid is fed to the pump, while gas exits the tool and is produced up the casing string.

You experience more reliable pump performance and decreased downtime, from a self-contained separator with no moving parts and low maintenance requirements. The SPIRIT Downhole Separator is manufactured from durable, corrosion-resistant materials for successful operation in even the harshest of downhole environments.

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