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Hybrid-X Gas/Sand/Solids Separator

The Hybrid-X Downhole Gas/Sand/Solids Separator is a revolutionary, patented technology that eliminates both gas and sand/solids pump interference. Using cyclonic motion and internal baffling, the simple and effective tool achieves downhole separation for production volumes of up to 481 bbl/day depending on tool sizing.

Specifically designed for treating production flows with higher gas volumes and significant sand/solids contamination, the Hybrid-X design provides several key benefits:

  • No packer needed
  • Agitates and breaks up gas-fluid emulsions
  • Captures sand and solids in the mud joint
  • Clean, gas-free production fluid fills the pump intake, permitting greater production and pump efficiency
  • Reduces excessive pump wear, sticking plungers, surface equipment wear and damage, and fouling of the flow line and pump
  • Restores and optimizes rod pumping efficiency and extends component life
  • Increases production output and decreases maintenance costs.

The system is available in three sizes—a 2-7/8” version with 2-3/8” pins, a 3-1/2” with 2-7/8” pins and a 4-1/2” with 2-7/8” pins—and is easy to transport, assemble and run in the field.

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