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SMARTEN™ Variable Speed Drive

SMARTEN™ is a highly innovative asset management system developed by ChampionX. SMARTEN has the ability to control and optimize multiple forms of artificial lift that’s being classified as a trial asset manager. ChampionX’s SMARTEN technology has the capability to control and optimize Rod Pump beam, linear, hydraulic lift, ESP and Gas Lift units. 

In the most demanding rod lift applications, the SMARTEN™ variable speed drive (VSD) keeps your rod pumping system running efficiently, and with an added level of technology demanded by our industry today. SMARTEN takes an advanced approach to optimization – providing you with highly flexible control based on any input brought into the controller, as well consistent reliability and unmatched field service. SMARTEN is accessible either onsite or remotely via a customized IP address, enabling optimization wherever you are.

The SMARTEN VSD package is integrated with Toshiba’s AS3 drive, an improved version of the AS1 which is installed on over 20k rod pumped wells globally, and is trusted in the field for its’ reliability, flexibility, and programming customization. Bottom line, SMARTEN’s enhanced connectivity, function- ality and flexibility, linked with a reliability founded on thousands of installed  units, will help extend the productive life of your rod lift wells.

Improved connectivity. Better analytics. Simple Setup and Operation. 

• Wi-Fi connectivity
• Touch screen with simple setup
• Best-in-industry firmware upgrade process via onsite or remote connection


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