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ESP Desander

The patented SPIRIT ESP De-sander is a simple, effective tool that prevents solids from reducing oil production and damaging equipment in ESP-lifted wells.

Using cyclonic motion, the de-sander forces sand to the outer wall of the tool. Clean, solids-free fluid moves upward to a ported sub-packer assembly. Upon exiting the assembly, the fluid travels on the outside of the ESP motors to the pump intake, where it continues its journey to the surface.

Designed for ESP wells with sand-laden production of up to 5,000 bbl/day, the ESP De-sander affords several key features:

  • Reduces excessive pump wear, surface equipment wear or damage, and fouling of the pump and flow line
  • Restores and optimizes pump efficiency and assures longer component life
  • Available in 3-5" Desander
  • 5-5" & 7" Packer assembly with interchangeable cups. 
  • Easy to transport, assemble and run.

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