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Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

Apergy's Remote Monitoring and Surveillance Solutions elevate production monitoring to new heights by bringing real-time well data to remote users throughout the world.

The New XSPOC 3.0 Is Here

Built on Theta’s XSPOC, our solutions provide remote access and control of well operations, including:

Minimize lifting costs.  Our automated optimization services and condition-based maintenance systems provide insights to track equipment performance and prioritize maintenance needs. This helps you lower costs by optimizing crew deployments and avoiding unforeseen equipment failures.

Real-time surveillance through audio/video capabilities. Integrated systems comprising smart cameras, proximity sensors and alarm systems keep unauthorized personnel away and minimize the risks of equipment theft or damage. We also offer secured controllers and encrypted cyber transmission to protect against online attacks.

Protect the environment. Minimize leaks through monitoring and control systems that incorporate leak sensors, thermal cameras, alarms and remote well shutdown. And, our emissions sensor packages and reporting capabilities allow you to precisely detect, measure and report methane emissions in the field.

Optimize chemical injection programs. Remote monitoring and control of injection processes allow for flexible dosing schedules for each application and real-time chemical inventory management. The systems provide data-driven results that allow you to collaborate with chemical vendors and optimize program effectiveness.

Maintain the highest standard for human safety. Remote monitoring systems minimize the frequency of field crew trips to and from a well site, thus reducing the risk of accidents on the road or at the well.

By putting the well at your fingertips, Apergy's remote monitoring solutions let you safely, quickly, and cost effectively monitor and resolve problems at the well—keeping production flowing at maximum rates with minimal expense.

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