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ChampionX's Pro-Rod® division provides one-piece coiled rod strings to effectively drive progressive cavity pumping systems. Our coiled rod is manufactured using the highest quality domestic steel and is subject to the industry’s most rigorous quality assurance program. Pro-Rod’s proprietary quenched and tempered coiled rod is available in the grade and size to maximize your production while enduring both well and system conditions.

Coiled rod is manufactured as a one-piece, continuous rod string that effectively connects the progressive cavity pump to the PC drive at surface. With only two connections—one at the top and the other at the bottom of the rod string—all other connections are eliminated for a uniform rod diameter through the entire length. Costly well maintenance interventions due to failures associated with rod couplings and tubing wear are significantly reduced. Coiled rod’s uniform and flexible nature makes it the most effective choice for deviated, directional, slant and horizontal well profiles.

Removal of the couplings from the rod string also accomplishes the following:

  • Reduces abrasion due to solids production by allowing for laminar flow
  • Fewer restrictions increases pump performance and production
  • Allows for coiled tubing interventions inside the tubing without removing the rod string

And by using the latest industry standard modeling software, we can custom design your string for peak performance in all applications.

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