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Oil Lift – Technology Inc.

Oil Lift Technology Inc. is a leading provider of progressing cavity pump (PCP) systems for the oil field. From pumps to remote power units to surface drives, we custom engineer our systems to individual well needs, while ensuring safe and environmentally sound production.

We pride ourselves on delivering new PCP innovations that keep pace with our customers’ needs. Our company began operations in 2000, with a revolutionary PCP wellhead drive system featuring a patented, top-mounted, zero-spill stuffing box. This product solved the major environmental problem of crude oil leakage at the well site, while simultaneously reducing operating costs in the field.

Innovations kept coming as we expanded our service offerings to include a range of gear, hydraulic and belt-powered drives. Available in a variety of gear ratios, torque ratings and motor sizes, our drives ensure efficient production regardless of a well’s operating conditions.

For unconventional oil and gas wells, the Oil Lift Dual Ram, 5,000-psi Rod-Lock BOP provides redundant protection against the risk of a blowout under high tubing pressure conditions. The system’s rod-lock capability lowers well servicing costs by eliminating the need for a rig and providing secure rod string suspension during the service operation.

Our PCPs have a proven reputation of providing effective production under less-than-ideal conditions, including sandy, heavy-oil or depleted wells. Robust PCP designs ensure minimal wear and tear to equipment during operation, which lets you achieve maximum production with minimal downtime.  

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2445 Technology Forest Rd.
Bldg 4, Suite 900
The Woodlands, Texas 77381
(281) 403-5742

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