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Multiplex Plunger Pumps

Drawing on decades of experience and the manufacturing, engineering and service expertise of our surface pumping specialists, you are assured of the optimal surface pumping system that delivers long-term reliability and operational efficiency.

We manufacture and distribute the industry’s most diverse range of surface pumps, including:

  • Positive Displacement Pumps.
    ChampionX's Accelerated line of positive displacement surface pumps provides fully engineered, highly reliable pumping solutions for everything from hydraulic lifting to salt water disposal. Available in a broad horsepower range and with various fluid ends, our pumps are known for their increased service life and minimal maintenance.
  • Vertical Triplex Pumps
    Our heavy-duty, highly reliable vertical triplex pumps provide high-pressure hydraulic power for many systems. Designed for severe service including frequent hydraulic shocks in the system, high temperatures, and a variety of hydraulic fluids, the pumps are available in various sizes with pumping capacity ranging from 5,000 psi to 30,000 psi. We supply the pump as a standalone product or as part of a turnkey package, and stock a large inventory of parts for each size.
  • Centrifugal (ANSI) Pumps 
    ChampionX - Hydraulic Lift offers a variety of centrifugal pumps to efficiently transfer fluids over a range of flows and pressures. Available in both radial flow and axial flow designs, our pumps are well suited for oil and gas, industrial, pulp and paper, commercial and municipal applications. We are an authorized distributor of Summit Pumps, centrifugal pumping systems engineered for severe-duty service such as charging reciprocating pumps, cement pumps and well-service pumps.
  • Helical and HD41 Gear Pumps 
    Our Pro-Tech helical gear pumps offer efficient pumping solutions for crude oil hauling and processing facilities. And our HD41 series pump’s sturdy and simple construction makes it ideal for difficult pumping applications, particularly those involving high-viscosity liquids.


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