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Jet Pumps

ChampionX is the largest global provider of hydraulic jet pumps.

For applications ranging from frac fluid recovery to permanent production enhancement, ChampionX jet pumps have a proven track record of reliable, cost-effective operation. Their lack of moving parts, high tolerance for solids and corrosive fluids, and ease of installation and recovery make our jet pumps an efficient and robust lift solution for even the most challenging of well environments.

Downhole Jet Pumps
Whether you are producing 50 or 4,000 BPD, ChampionX's subsurface jet pumps reliably boost oil production in the most challenging of wells. Designed for optimal performance at 3,000 feet to more than 15,000 feet in the well, our downhole jet pumps have a proven track record of effective operation under conditions that include:

  • High solids production. Jet pumps have no internal moving parts and handle solids production with ease. If erosion concerns arise, pumps built with high-grade materials promise prolonged operating life.
  • High gas production. Jet pumps do not experience gas lock, allowing them to pump production fluids with gas-to-liquid ratios as high as 2,000:1.
  • Heavy oil. Our experts help you optimize jet pumping for heavy oil production with solutions designed to lower oil viscosity and keep the crude off the casing and pump internals.
  • Dewatering gas wells. By using dual string completions to run the jet pump as low as possible, gas flows up the casing while keeping fluid pressure off of the formation.
  • Deep well oil recovery. Our jet pumps reliably deliver high-volume production rates to recover oil from the deepest wells.
  • Corrosive fluids. Our jet pumps are available in high-grade alloys that withstand corrosive attack.
  • Paraffin and scale buildup. Injecting treatment chemicals with the power fluid keeps jet pumps free of paraffin or scale buildup.
  • Hydraulic frac-fluid recovery. ChampionX subsurface jet pumps quickly recover frac-fluid chemicals and water, producing fluids at rates as high as 4,000 BPD.
  • High volume production. Our jet pumps deliver high volume production without backpressure, which reduces the potential for formation damage.
  • Well testing. ChampionX designs well test packages to meet all client requirements, even in well conditions with high pressure, high flow rates, and solids.

Surface Jet Pumps
ChampionX - Hydraulic Lift has a surface jet pump solution for every field challenge. Our advanced pumping technology, coupled with the industry’s best and brightest application experts, delivers reliable and cost-efficient production in applications including:

  • Boosting production from oil or gas wells
  • Boosting gas pressure in a process system
  • De-bottlenecking compressors
  • Preventing high-pressure wells from imposing excess backpressure on low-pressure wells
  • Preventing flaring of low-pressure gas
  • De-liquefying gas wells and pipelines.

Jet Pumps/Gas Lift Combo
ChampionX - Hydraulic Lift is committed to helping you succeed at every stage of your field’s productive life. Our application experts work with you to understand your wells and then develop the best artificial lift solution to meet today’s production targets and tomorrow’s operational challenges.

Consider our combination Jet Pump and Gas Lift system, which allows you to begin dewatering your well with the jet pump. Once the pipeline infrastructure for makeup gas is complete, we work with you to replace the jet pump with a gas lift system. The jet pump is easily pumped out of the well and the gas lift system is ready to go, without the need for a service rig to pull the tubing.

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