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ChampionX provides packers for any production application.

Arrowset Style Packer

  • Our Arrowset Style Packer is a mechanically set, retrievable packer most commonly used for treating, testing, injecting, pumping or flowing wells, both deep and shallow. It can be left in tension or compression, depending on well conditions and the application.


Model R Packer

  • The Model R Packer is used in production as a conventional long-stroke packer. It features a proven three element packing system and a large by-pass area through the packer.


AS-III Packer

  • The AS-III is a sing-grip packer with no upper hold-down for use where no differential pressure from below is present. This packer also features a large bypass area to prevent swabbing when running or retrieving. The AS-III is ideal for isolating casing holes or perforations.

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