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Bloodhound: Gas Lift Optimizer

Bloodhound is an effective optimization solution, specifically designed to accelerate the recovery of oil in land-based gas-lifted wells.

It uses a proprietary, patent-pending “hunting” algorithm designed to simulate reservoir inflow based on iterative automatic analysis of flowing bottom hole pressures to determine optimal Gas Injection Rates.

Unlike current methods which use infrequent well test information, Bloodhound continuously improves the efficiency of the lift solution by leveraging readings from a permanent downhole gauge. This unique approach accommodates varying surface conditions in downhole conditions as the well rapidly declines.

Operators using Bloodhound have realized the following benefits:

  • Greater BHP drawdown during initial production phase
  • Five to 10 percent increases in production, under ideal circumstances, over year one
  • Faster recovery to stable flowing conditions after shutdowns / restarts
  • Reduced gas consumption when wells were previously over-injecting

Bloodhound Algorithm

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