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Below Packer Applications

Below Packer Applications

Gas lift Innovations for Horizontal and Deep Vertical Wells.

As more wells are drilled deeper with long laterals and perforated intervals, conventional gas lift techniques cannot overcome liquid loading and pressure build-up challenges to bring production to surface.  To ensure optimum reservoir drawdown in these wells, Apergy Gas Lift offers several innovative methods that take gas lift deeper in the well.

  • Our Annular Bypass Assembly (ABA) is a hybrid of the conventional gas lift system with packer and an open-ended, packerless system. Using tubing and gas lift valves above the packer and a bypass assembly, the ABA allows injected gas to pass through the packer.
  • A Dip Tube method of deep lift incorporates a crossover flow adapter and unique mini-wellbore below the packer. The assembly facilitates the deepest point of gas injection without applying additional back pressure on the formation.
  • Our Enhanced Annular Velocity (EAV) method of gas lift uses tubing and gas lift valves above a packer and a selectively sized injection string with internally mounted gas lift valves below.
  • The Annular Velocity Enhancement (AVE) system is a wireline-retrievable technology similar to the EAV. The AVE is patented and exclusively sold and manufactured by Apergy.
  • A Dead String installation prevents liquid loading in wells with long perforated intervals or horizontal laterals to ensure stable production and the lowest possible flowing bottomhole pressure.

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