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AFFIRMED® Protectors

WHIRLAWAY Protector is the secure seal that keeps your ESP motors running smoothly. Each protector contains customized chambers that prevent wellbore fluid contamination into the AGILE® motor by creating a low-pressure boundary between the well fluid and the clean motor oil. The smooth expansion and contraction of oil in the chambers keep pressure equalized across the boundary, which reduces well bore fluid ingress into the motor and increases system uptime.

The WHIRLAWAY Protectors provide several additional operational advantages:

  • They transfer the torque from the motor shaft to the gas separator and/or pump intake shaft;
  • They maintain the electrical and mechanical integrity of the AGILE Motor by providing reinforcement via down-thrust support for the pump shaft;
  • Their modular construction allows for redundant protectors to be installed in series, thus delivering a protector solution for any application-specific need.Our application experts work with you to understand your pumping requirements, and then recommend a protector solution that delivers the right level of expansion capacity for the motor.

Whether your well requires just one or a series of protectors, our AFFIRMED Protectors ensure performance, reliability, longevity and enhanced run time in your UNBRIDLED™ ESP System.

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