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To get the most benefit out of your artificial lift system, you need to understand how it works and how it should be maintained for optimal performance. ChampionX’s Artificial Lift division offers a wide range of training courses and Technology Days throughout the country to gain firsthand knowledge from ChampionX experts.  Other educational resources such as training videos and our Artificial Selector Guide are listed here to further enhance your knowledge of the entire range of Artificial Lift options.

From the fundamentals of rod lift and gas lift to the finer points of ESP operation and automation, our courses give clients the tools they need to make the most informed decisions regarding their artificial lift system and wellsite optimization.  Different phases in the life of the well call for different types of Artificial Lift and our courses offer indepth training and insight on how best to achieve your production objectives.  Each course is taught by Apergy’s artificial lift experts who are happy to share their application experience and insight with clients—either individually or in front of a classroom.

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