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Low Flow Rate

As wells mature and production rates drop, production challenges follow.

In gas wells, this translates to liquid loading as heavier liquids fail to reach the surface and fall back to the bottom. In oil wells, the combined effect of gravity and hydrostatic pressure in the well prevents the oil from reaching the surface.

Selecting the right size and type of artificial lift solution is critical to optimizing production rates while keeping operating costs low.

Apergy's Low-Flow Lift Solutions

Apergy works with you to review your marginal well’s production history. With this analysis as a guide, we then help you design an artificial lift solution that is not under- or over-sized, but optimally sized for your well.

The result? Maximized production rates at favorable operating costs.

  • Rod Lift – From our high-quality Norris and UPCO sucker rods and Harbison-Fischer rod pumps to the SPIRIT Genesis Intelligent Asset Manager and Theta monitoring and optimization software, Apergy's full range of rod-lift solutions can boost production in your marginal oil wells.
  • Hydraulic Piston – Our hydraulically-actuated downhole piston pumps are easily adjusted and controlled, allowing pumping rate to be changed over a wide range of production capacities.
  • Jet Pumps – Our jet pumps have a proven track record of reliable operation at rates in the 50-200 BPD range.
  • Plunger Lift – PCS Ferguson Plunger Lift is one of the most economical ways to boost production rates in marginal wells. And when a single plunger lift system is not enough, the Multi-Stage Tool creates multiple plunger lift systems in one well. Supported by the industry’s most experienced plunger lift experts, our plunger lift system is quick and easy to install, generating production gains that allow it to pay for itself within just a few months or less.
  • Gas Lift – Apergy - Gas Lift is an effective and economical means of producing wells that can’t flow naturally. Our lift experts work with you to design the right size system and use proprietary software to calculate the optimal amount of gas required to optimize production.
  • ESPs – Our UNBRIDLED® ESP system can be customized to accommodate flow rates as low as 150 BPD, with designs that lower total cost of ownership and extend well run life.