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High Temperature

High temperature wells cause operational problems with the non-metallic components of some artificial lift systems.

Stators and seals made of conventional elastomers may deteriorate in the presence of high-temperature aromatics in the produced fluid, shortening the operating life of the lift system and raising maintenance costs.

ChampionX’s High-Temperature Lift Solutions

  • Rod Pumps. ChampionX's robust rod-pump systems contain no downhole electronics that could degrade at higher temperatures. And, we offer rod guides made from high-temperature-resistant materials to achieve longer service life and increase the efficiency of rod-pumped wells.
  • Gas Lift. Our Gas Lift systems are available in temperature-resistant materials to withstand high-temperature well environments.
  • ESPs. Our ESP systems operate reliably at downhole temperatures as high as 350°F, without requiring any special design modifications.
  • Plunger Lift, Hydraulic Piston and Jet Pumps. By fitting these lift systems with high-grade O-rings and other temperature-resistant materials, reliable operation at temperatures up to 300°F is possible.