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High Flow Rate

For wells in the early stages of production with high flow rates, the selection of the optimal artificial lift system is critical to effective operations.

Not only must the lift system stand up to the large volume of solids that are common in early stage production, but it must also be correctly sized to ensure that the well will produce at its maximum rate. Lift systems that cannot withstand erosive effects of high solids will lead to increased maintenance schedules, while undersized systems will prevent the well from reaching its optimum production potential.

Apergy’s High-Flow Lift Solutions

  • ESPs – Apergy ESP Systems provide a full portfolio of tools and services to optimize production in high flow rate wells. Our BLACKGOLD pumps reliably deliver flow rates as high as 10,000 BPD and rapidly adapt to changing well conditions for minimal downtime and an improved return on investment.
  • Gas lift – Apergy - Gas Lift provides lift solutions that increase the production rate of a flowing well to its maximum potential.
  • Jet Pumps – Our subsurface jet pumps reliably provide high-volume production rate capacity to recover hydrocarbon from the deepest wells. Our proprietary Apergy Jet pump Evaluation Technology (JET) software calculates the producing bottomhole pressure based on production volumes and sand injection pressure, which allows for continuous control of production rates. (link to DAL Jet Pumps page).
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps – The Oil Lift progressing cavity pump are engineered to withstand the erosive flow conditions common to high-flow rate wells.
  • Two-Piece Plungers - Our Two-Piece Plungers by PCS Ferguson can reduce or eliminate shut-in times in high-volume gas and liquid wells. The plungers make more trips with faster fall times for continuous fluid removal.
  • Bypass Plungers - PCS Ferguson’s Bypass Plungers fall against flow so that wells can continue producing as the plunger works. Our bypass Plungers often help wells achieve significant increases in daily production.
  • Liquid Aeration PlungersPCS Ferguson’s unique, patented HV Lift™ technology allows the Liquid Aeration Plunger to fall quickly to the well bottom. As it travels upward, gas is transferred up through the plunger, causing a turbulent aeration (or bubbling effect) in the liquid slug above the plunger. This advanced liquid aeration process makes it possible for the plunger to lift and remove the liquid load more efficiently and at higher velocity.