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Heavy Oil

Heavy oil is typically heated to lower its viscosity and pump it to surface. But keeping it heated from the reservoir to the wellhead often proves challenging.

As it cools, the oil can start collecting on production tubing and the internals of downhole pumping equipment. This slows down production and lowers the efficiency of the pump.

Apergy’s Solutions for Heavy Oil

  • Rod Pumps. Our rod-pump systems have a proven track record of efficiently lifting viscous oils.
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs).  The most commonly used form of artificial lift for heavy oil wells from Canada to Columbia, PCP systems offer cost-effective production for sandy and viscous oil wells. Apergy's top-drive equipment, rod-string solutions, downhole pumps and optimization services provide a whole-system PCP solution for heavy-oil production.
  • Jet Pumps. Apergy knows how to maximize the efficiency of jet pumps for heavy-oil production. Common solutions include using heated power fluids to lower the viscosity of the production stream, and installing reverse circulation to keep heavy crude off casing.  If periodic cleaning or maintenance is required, the jet pumps can be easily retrieved and cleaned at surface, with no workover or wireline truck required.