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Deviated wells pose serious installation and operation challenges for some lift systems.

Take conventional rod-lift systems: as gravity pulls the rod toward the bottom of the wellbore, the rod and tubing wear against each other. If left unchecked, this condition can set up excessive side loads that result in parted rods or holes in the tubing string. In high solids production, sand slugging coupled with side loading only increases the rate of mechanical failure.

Apergy's Solutions for Deviated Wells

We have a wide range of tools and application expertise to minimize mechanical wear and avoid the need for expensive, time-consuming interventions to repair and replace damaged rods and tubing.

  • Sucker Rods. Apergy's Norris premium sucker rods are manufactured by the patented NOR-PEENING process for extended fatigue strength and longer operating life. We also offer centralized flexbars and injection-molded rod guides to reduce rod/tubing wear and extend run time in the well.
  • Coiled Rod. Manufactured as a continuous rod string with no couplings, our coiled rod distributes side loadings more efficiently, reducing tubing wear. Coiled rod has been proven to eliminate up to 75% of common rod string failures.
  • Gas Lift. Apergy - Gas Lift offers several gas-lift advancements to address the unique production challenges of long, deep and horizontal wells. Our annular bypass assemblies, dip tubes, enhanced annular velocity system, dead strings and open-ended packerless systems address liquid loading and pressure build-ups that arise due to inadequate velocities in the casing for boosted production without additional back pressure on the formation.
  • Plunger Lift. PCS Ferguson Plunger Lift offers innovative plunger lift solutions to overcome tubing irregularities and deviations.
  • Hydraulic Piston Pumps. Deviated holes present minimal problems for our hydraulic piston pumps. If tubing can be run downhole, a hydraulic pump can be effectively installed and operated.
  • Jet Pumps. Our downhole jet pumps provide high volume production rate capacity to recover oil from the deepest wells. And with no moving parts, they eliminate the wear and tear on tubing. Our jet pumps can be set into the well at a 90-degree horizontal, if required.
  • ESPs. Our UNBRIDLED ESP System can be effectively deployed in deviated wells, and reliably run without any loss of operational efficiency.