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De-Watering Gas Wells

During their natural lives, most gas wells will experience some type of liquid loading, when water and oil accumulate in the tubing and wellbore.

As the volume of these liquids increases, the well loses energy and gas production dwindles or stops altogether.

ChampionX's Solutions for De-watering Wells

ChampionX Artificial Lift provides the in-depth application knowledge and full range of lift solutions to deliquefy gas wells and bring gas production back to sustained, highly profitable rates.

  • Plunger Lift. PCS Ferguson Plunger Lift is one of the most economical ways to achieve maximum deliquification. Requiring low capital investment and minimal operating expense, our plunger lift systems quickly pay for themselves.
  • Gas Lift. Apergy - Gas Lift systems use a combination of the energy stored in natural gas under pressure and injected gas to effectively bring liquids to surface and get the gas well flowing at economically favorable rates.
  • Hydraulic Lift. Apergy - Hydraulic Lift delivers highly efficient dewatering solutions. And our jet and piston pumps can be run deep into a well using a dual-string completion, which allows gas to flow up the casing while keeping fluid pressure off of the formation wall.
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps. Oil Lift progressing cavity pumps are engineered for effective operation in dewatering applications, such as dewatering gas wells such as coalbed methane.