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Specializing in designing and delivering innovative electrical submersible pumping systems

AFFIRMED™ PowerFit Motor: Get all the Power with None of the Risk

Unbridled ESP Systems specializes in designing and delivering innovative electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems for the most challenging well environments.

Our comprehensive ESP solutions include:

  • The UNBRIDLED™ ESP and CRUSADER™ HSP systems, which have proven track records of optimizing field production in high-volume wells and horizontal or highly deviated wells.
  • GRINDSTONE® Pumps, an abrasion-resistant technology that stands up to solids in high sand production scenarios.
  • The WHIRLAWAY® family of products for gas separation or avoidance in gassy well production.
  • AGILE® Motors and AFFIRMED® Protectors for high temperature production environments.

We also provide all downhole and surface components of the system—including web-based monitoring systems and electrical control—for a systems-wide production solution.

Our ESPs have optimized well production throughout the continental US—from the Mid-Continent and Permian Basin to the Rocky Mountains and the Bakken. In each application, our ESP experts collaborate with the customer to ensure an optimized solution for the productive life of every well. As we expand our ESP services to the global market, customers around the world benefit from our fully integrated technologies and support services.

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