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The industry leader in plunger lift for oil and gas production


PCS Ferguson is the industry leader in plunger lift. Backed by more than 30 years of wellhead expertise, we offer the most complete line of plunger lift solutions to maximize deliquification, particularly in marginal and aging wells. With low capital investment and minimal operating expense, our plunger lift system can pay for itself in just a few weeks, thanks to the sizable production gains it affords.

To truly optimize the performance of these systems, PCS Ferguson also offers Wellsite SCADA Automation. A fully integrated wellsite automation system, Wellsite SCADA continuously collects real-time data from each well to create electronic reports that can be accessed from the field or office. You can make faster and more accurate operational decisions based on these reports, and use our automation solutions to remotely control the operation of single or multiple plunger lift systems.

The result? Optimized production levels with minimal risk of downtime or failures.

With more than 25 sales and service locations throughout North America, PCS Ferguson is committed to serving you today and well into the future.

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