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The Norris Difference


The name Norris is synonymous with rod lift. As the leader in sucker-rod technologies since 1882, we specialize in developing rods and accessories that incorporate long-lasting materials, stringent manufacturing processes, the highest quality control, and optimized designs. Engineered to last, Norris rods are the best performing sucker rods on the market today—allowing wells to produce at optimum levels longer.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Norris offers a range of sucker rods formulated from different alloys to address any downhole condition you might encounter. We also make sucker rod couplings with excellent wear and corrosion resistance, allowing each coupling to last for thousands of additional pumping cycles compared to conventional systems.

Our services extend beyond supplying sucker rods. Norris/O’Bannon well servicing tools include a range of sucker rod sockets, slips, bowls and slip units that improve the speed and efficiency of fishing jobs. And in the event of a string failure, our sucker rod experts conduct detailed failure analysis to get your well back online while avoiding similar failures in the future.

From initial design to installation to routine operation, our sucker rod application experts work with you at each step of the process. We offer a free, computerized rod string design service that determines the right combination of rod size, type and pumping capacity for each application. Our free training courses cover rod string design, proper in-field care/handling of sucker rods and failure analysis with corrective action. 

When you consider the product features, innovations and field services that Norris provides, we think you’ll agree that while sucker rods might be interchangeable, they are by no means equal. The next time you specify a rod string solution, choose Norris—the industry leader.

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