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Our expertise delivers the right gas lift solution

For more than 30 years, Apergy – Gas Lift has delivered innovative and flexible gas lift systems that optimize production throughout the well’s lifespan.

Our gas lift experts design each system with your production goals in mind. We consult with you to understand every well’s production characteristics and then develop a customized production solution that combines:

  • Detailed design. Our design software pinpoints the optimal amount of gas required to deliver fluids to surface and the optimal lift locations in the production string.
  • Current and future production goals. Our in-depth system design determines the type of gas injection that is most effective for well conditions and characteristics—both today and into the future.
  • Well complexity. With more wells being drilled horizontally and completed with long, perforated intervals, Apergy – Gas Lift has developed a number of innovations that enable gas lift in deep, complex wells. From annular bypass assemblies and dip tubes to dead strings and open-ended packerless systems, we deliver proven gas lift applications that boost production in the longest of horizontal wells.

With Apergy – Gas Lift as your production partner, you get the industry’s widest breadth of technologies and services to achieve today’s production goals. And, you position yourself for long-term production gains for tomorrow’s well challenges.


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