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ChampionX knows that safety is an indispensable part of every customer’s success.

To that end, we are committed to providing the safest work environment for our employees, clients, and visitors, in our facilities or on a job site.

By equipping our employees with the right tools and skill set, we are capable of executing operations flawlessly in a manner that prevents occupational injuries, illnesses, exposure to hazards, adverse impact to the environment and damage to property.

  • ChampionX Stop Work Authority (SWA) Policy empowers employees to cease work and call a “time out” anytime a situation is observed that could endanger people, property or the environment. Our employees enforce the SWA to protect themselves, other ChampionX employees, customers, vendors and contractors from unsafe working conditions—at any site and at any time.
  • Our Safety Moment of the Week program highlights safe work practices in a bulletin that is distributed to every ChampionX employee and displayed in every facility and office building. These bulletins provide practical information that any employee can use to make their daily work activities safer.
  • ChampionX has teamed up with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Pure Safety to implement a world-class safety training and incident management system. Training modules delivered either over the web or in face-to-face classroom settings contain well-developed and timely content that is tailored to specific job functions. The incident management system is used to track actual incidents involving loss or near misses and can schedule, assign and manage corrective actions.

At ChampionX we continuously seek and implement safety improvements and best practices across the industry and reinforce the importance of having a mature, team-based safety culture.  A culture where employees are not just focused on the job at hand, but are focused on taking care of each other.  Everyone has the courage to conduct STOP Work and prevent an incident from occurring. In our culture, zero incidents is an expectation and employees are engaged to ensure everyone is Safe Today and Home Tonight.