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Though officially formed in 2009 as Dover Artificial Lift and as a stand alone energy company in 2018, known as Apergy Artificial Lift, the story is nearly as old as the oil and gas industry itself. Our brand companies have been providing reliable and effective artificial lift and surface production equipment for more than 125 years.  And, new artificial lift techniques and technologies have been incorporated into our portfolio to ensure a full product offering for all stages of well performance.

Our renowned and highly respected family of artificial lift brands boasts more than 400 years of combined service to the oil and gas industry and include:

Apergy Artificial Lift draws on the strength of these brands to deliver artificial lift products and processes that optimize production, reduce downtime, cut operational costs, and comply with the strictest safety and environmental standards.

A full product portfolio is only half of our field optimization solution. The other half consists of our team of engineers and professionals—artificial lift experts with a resolute commitment to maximizing production targets at minimal expense.

And as the oil and gas industry evolves, Apergy Artificial Lift’s services evolve in lockstep. For example, as producers set their sights on maximizing returns from mature, declining wells, Apergy is ready with data-driven technical expertise and technology innovations that ease oil and gas recovery from these challenging wells.

As further proof of our ongoing evolution, Apergy Artificial Lift companies continually develop technologies and services that optimize returns in the rich shale oil and gas fields delivered through horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. These “unconventional” shale formations have proven quite prolific in North America, and shale owner in other regions of the world are ramping up to replicate this success. As shale and other unconventional production continues to grow globally, Apergy Artificial Lift is ready with the latest in ESPs, plunger lift, rod lift, sucker rod, hydraulic lift, progressing cavity pump, gas lift, downhole pump, well-site automation/optimization and analytic tools to satisfy an eagerly waiting customer base.