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ChampionX’s Rod Pumping advantage with Norris, Harbison Fischer and Theta Oilfield Services to design, deliver, monitor and track optimal economic performance

Your Trusted Advisor on Artificial Lift

Artificial lift is our passion and sole focus, not just another product line in an overstuffed portfolio. With a full suite of every artificial lift product and service, and the collective expertise to effectively apply it, we help you optimize your field’s long-term production potential in the safest, fastest and most cost-effective way possible.

ChampionX Artificial Lift designs customized solutions for the most challenging production scenarios, whether your wells require:

Let us work together to lift your field’s production to its full potential.

Training Courses

ChampionX’s Artificial Lift division offers a wide range of training courses and Technology Days throughout the country to gain firsthand knowledge from ChampionX experts.

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“We are constantly impressed by the level of service, work ethic and supply capabilities of Apergy. They always meet our needs and strive to form a lasting relationship.”

– Production Engineer, Bakken Formation Customer

“Apergy repeatedly stands above the rest – from showing up early to being actively prepared for everything we have asked.”

– Production Engineer, Delaware Basin Customer

“I can always count on Apergy to deliver consistent, rock-solid support for any field issue. Thanks to their unrivaled flexibility and responsiveness, our partnership with Apergy has been reliably profitable.”

– Production Engineer, Mature Waterflood Producer – Mid-Continent Region

Rated 1st in Artificial Lift Oilfield Products for Customer Satisfaction